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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Video blogging before YouTube!

This was the kind of stuff I loved to make back when I started this video blog. I remember agonizing over compressing these videos to get them under 5 megabytes so that my hosting wouldn't explode. Sometimes the more popular videos attracted many downloads and I was worried about paying for additional server bandwidth so I made them as small as possible and it really helped people able to watch it in a browser window without stalling.

It was Boxing Day 2004 at Future Shop in Kamloops, BC, and a huge lineup had formed overnight as people showed up to get first crack at crazy deals on electronics. I talked to a few people in the line and was able to make an amateur "news" piece out of it. Wait for the rush as the doors opened

Wow this stuff was hard to do back then. Creating thumbnails out of Quicktime player screenshots that linked to the video on private hosting because Blogspot would only do still images. The video would look something like this instead of what's up there:


Monday, January 24, 2022

The universe has spoken

Well... I just spent an hour typing out a heartfelt piece about how it had been almost 20 years since I started this video blog, how certain world events prompted me to get involved in online video, the people who I admired and found inspiration to become a journalist, and I considered the prospect of using this seriously outdated platform again. And that's when my draft was deleted while uploading an image. That's that I guess... See you in 20.